Thursday, December 08, 2005

Off to Switzerland

I'm leaving in about ten minutes to go to the airport. I'm off to Zurich and then to Meiringen on a little trip I won through the travel company we work with at work. It should be fun. It will be all women, and mostly Dutch women at that. I'm sure it will be fun - on some level.

The trip is called an educational, although we will be skiing tomorrow and shopping on Saturday. There's a short tour of the airport today and then a little "get aquainted with Swiss International Airlines" thing.

I'm glad to get out of the office, but I really feel like someone is stealing time from me. Maybe I can use this time and speak Dutch with someone for a little while. I'll be reading a little Dutch book I've been meaning to get to. I'll be productive as I relax. I have terrible trouble doing nothing. I had someone tell me that years ago. He said, "You need to learn to just sit and do nothing." I can't imagine. I've vegged in front of the tv before - of course - but I usually have something in my hands - rolling coinage, knitting, sorting, even typing.

Okay. I'm stalling. I'd better get to traveling.

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