Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My ipod is on the Blink Again

I just woke up. I plugged in my ipod and it didn't respond. So no doubt it needs a break and will be out of commission for the next 24 hours. This is the forth time it's done this. It's frustrating and disappointing, but I'll deal with it. There's nothing to do but wait.

The first time this happened, I poked at it and prodded it until I read on the website that this just sometimes happens. It sounds like a reason one might take it back to the shop and demand another. However, after dealing with the guys at the Mac Store when the harddrive was messed up, I would like to steer as clear of that store as possible. And it really is only 24 hours.

Oh please. If I worked that hard, I'd demand 24 hours of solid sleep every now and then too.

I've been listening to Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. It's fascinating. I don't know that I could have actually read the book. Plus, I think I would like to listen to it again (because it's so fascinating) and I certainly don't think I could re-read it. I'm a much better listener to this kind of material. It's all about how fast people think and how quickly decisions are made - much quicker than we realize apparently. There's also a lot on how people are not really saying what they are thinking. I'm not doing it justice, but it's really great - a little heady.

So now I guess I'll just have to actually read or something. This really throws off my day. I'm reading Narnia in Dutch. It's slow going, but I'm making progress. I guess today I'll make more progress than usual since I also won't be distracted by my weekly installment of The New Yorker, which I'm trying out.

I'm all about listening to the spoken word on the ipod, instead of music. I spend a lot of time with earbuds in my ears while I am biking, completing nubskull tasks at work, sitting on the train. I learn a lot. Now I'm going to have to hear all that stuff that the ipod screens out - people talking, the squeak on my bike, the thoughts in my head.

I read somewhere that they've discontinued the ipod mini. I guess it's unnecessary. The nano is probably taking it's place. I've also heard that ipods only last about a year and a half on average. So I should save up for a new one now.

Okay. Enough whining. Time to start my day.

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