Sunday, March 05, 2006

Exciting Day for Andy

I got up at 8:45 this morning because I thought I would get ready for church and head out at 10:00. Then I started thinking of all of the things I could do with the two hours I would be spending in church. I could work on my photo album project, do a load of laundry, fold (which I have already done), clean the kitchen, read the pieces for my writer's group again, study Dutch or write.

Add to this that I spent most of yesterday with three ladies (and someone's husband) from the choir counsel (Do I get involved? I do.) touring around the south of the country. We were looking at youth hostels (Stayokay's) for the choir weekend in November. Location, price, size of rehearsal hall, etc. all had to be researched - oh, and it was all in Dutch. So I sort of got my fill of that yesterday and I need some Andy time. Fred will be off to work in the afternoon, but I'll be cleaning the fish bowls and vacuuming, so it's not like I have lay around time.

It also snowed last night, so going to church would mean riding my bike through the snow again. I'm actually pretty cool with staying indoors today. Maybe when Fred leaves, I'll make eggs! He doesn't eat eggs, but we bought some so he could make his carbonara spaghetti.

I've started a new scarf, just to have something to be working on. I was using something called a "blanket stitch." It looks nice, but it involves a lot of knitting and perling "two together" - whole lines. Three more feet of this will make me a little crazy. So I think I'm going to rip it out and start over with something more interesting. It's just something to do while watching t.v. in the evenings, so I don't needsomething that's going to cause me stress. Plus, I dropped a stitch last night and it's the kind of pattern where it's really difficult to back up.

So I'll get started on my exciting day. I think I'll start with Dutch. I like making my flash cards.

Having re-read this, I can say with thick sarcasm, "Wow, I'm an exciting guy."

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Brian FInch said...

Amsterdam for many years had been my second home. I haven't been back for almost two years and very much miss it.

As unexciting as you may think you day is, there are others like myself were having the same kind of day.

I've set my sights on a warmer destination as my new second home, as europe has become far too expensive with the Euro for me.