Sunday, March 19, 2006

Family Visit

My sister, Kathy, was here for a week. It was really great to see her. I hadn't seen her in about three years, but I talk to her a lot and I communicate with her regularly. I thought I would write and blog a lot when she was here, but she's on the computer more than I am and work was a bitch this week.

We're amazingly casual with each other, which is nice. I have such a strained relationship with the rest of my family, especially my father and his wife and my brother. But Kathy is real and accepting and just goes with the flow.

Fred was great and the two of them got along together very well. I'm glad he got to hear us talk about the rest of the family. He got to see that it's not just me being a mean ole gay bitch. They really are a nutty lot.

On Saturday, we did this and that making our way through the center looking for one last thing - a piece of art for her friend, Missy. Finally, she was packed and sitting on the couch. My friend, Deborah, showed up early for a dinner party and they talked when I saw that it was seven o'clock and Kathy needed to leave for the airport. I said, "I think I need to call for the taxi now."

Deborah began talking about how difficult it was to leave Canada when she was there for Christmas. Kathy started crying and I started tearing up. I didn't expect to get so sad about her leaving. I don't know if she did. We finally got in the elevator and went down as other guest started arriving. It was not the best timing, but what can you do?

I was glad to have the dinner party to take my mind off of her not being here any more. I still have the fantasy that she will one day move here. I'll see her in May when Fred and I do our tour of the Southwest. I miss her. I feel very lucky to have her as a sister.

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Miss Bad Penny said...

Saying goodbye is always a drag. It's an awesome idea to have a dinner party to get your mind off the sad byebye scene. Hope you're hanging in there alright.