Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Light Changing

It's getting lighter earlier here now. So when I leave the apartment at 7:00, it's light although the sun doesn't officially come up until almost 8:00, I think. It's stupid, but it makes me think I'm late for work. In a week or two - this weekend? - we'll move the clock and since it's spring and we spring forward, it will seem like it's 6:00 when I leave the house at 7:00, so it will still be dark, which I will like. I like leaving the house when it's dark. Makes me feel like I'm getting a jump on the day.

As I sit here, it's still light and it's 6:40. The sun if officially down, but there's plenty of light. I'm officially tired of the winter.

We're going to London on 31 March, just for the weekend. I used to say that when I was planning on moving. I'd say, "You can go to London for the weekend and it's no big deal. How cool is that?" It's cool. Not sure what we'll do, probably just sight see. But Fred and I both need a little out of town time.

We're also planning on going to Istanbul for the Easter weekend. We have off Friday and Monday, so even though I whined a bit about missing a big choir weekend, it's more practical to travel then so that I don't have to waste valuable vacation days. We chose Istanbul after considering other destinations. The list was: Western Germany, Iceland or Rome. Germany was a winery that some friends of ours know. We'll go there in October. We couldn't get a good deal on Iceland and Rome at Easter? Puh-lease. These are luxury problems, I know.

I have choir rehearsal tonight and I'm really not into leaving the house, but I should move towards the door and get on the good foot.

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Miss Bad Penny said...

Funny that my Dutch friend is now moving to the States and is saying, "It's awesome that you can swing by Canada for a ride or for some meds." Hahaaa!!

Sometimes we just needa give ourselves such kinda statement to make us rest assured that the decision of moving to another country is peachy.