Friday, July 07, 2006

Haiku Friday - Week 4

Moving my office
Not my first choice, however
I will make it work.

Due to a long stream of events (which I have documented) I will be moving to another building. Starting Monday, I will be working for my current bosses' boss. It should be an interesting change. I'll miss my current office mate. I've grown accustomed to her and even the little things that bugged me at first have become nothing more than interesting quirks.

Work is a little tense because I feel like everything I say to certain people is practically published in the company newsletter. Lesson learned. Work has been filling up my brain and time. So that's where I've been in stead of blogging.

Other than that, things are fine here. We were having a heatwave, which is particularly difficult when there's no "airco" - as they call it here - in the house. The weather broke last night while I was in Dutch class, so sleeping was easy for the first night in about a week.

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