Friday, July 14, 2006

Haiku Friday - Week 5

Drama at Work Week
Me standing and watching the world
And troubles go by.

That's by zen-Andy. Unfortunately, I haven't been zen-Andy the whole week. It's just been a week of change. I'm being shuttled between two buildings for some reason. It's one of those situations where some of my stuff is in one building and some is in the other. This week on CSI, Gil Grisham quoted someone who said, "With change comes possibility." I think it was one of those guys in the 15th century. He's good for quoting them. Anyway, it spoke to me. I've been thinking it with all the change in my life.

I've also been busy with a few things other than work. For instance, it was the last Dutch class until September. I had my writer's group. Fred and I did something Wednesday. It's just been a busy week. So I haven't been blogging.

I'm really glad that the summer is here - schedulingwise. The weather is sort of here, sort of there, but for the next few weeks, I am free in the evenings, which is a nice change. I've decided that I need to write about things that are particular to my life in the Netherlands - without being completely cheesy and predictable.

So watch for that. It sort of feels like this should be about Andy in Amsterdam as opposed to Andy Could Be Anywhere.

We're going to a dance thing tonight. I hope it's good. I've heard it should be good. My first night here - maybe my second - Fred took me to a dance thing that was the height of tedium. All four of us (his two arts buddies were with us) were bored, but I was jet lagged. It was pretty horrible and the dancers were quite impressed with themselves at the end.

Have a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you come back on blog. We have (Dutch) friends in Amsterdam and I was looking forward to the expat view after I found your site a couple of months ago.