Thursday, March 15, 2007

My First Gaitor

I finally finished my first gaitor a few weeks ago, but I haven't been home when there was enough light to take a picture - or I just forgot. Anyway, before I rip it out, I thought I would take a picture of it.

When I bound off, I looked over at Fred and said, "I am so sending this to Afghanistan." There are a few charities that collect hats and scarves and other hand knitted things (like gaitors) to send to countries where they need stuff like this. There was one that was calling for things in November. I remember it as Afghanistan, but I don't think that's it. Still, it's what I say when I finish something that I want to just give away. Sort of unintentional charity knitting - although I am doing some intentional as well. I'm trying to get through my stash while trying out new techniques on things that Fred and I wouldn't necessarily wear.

Problem One with this gaitor is that it would fit a horse. it's way too big. I took out a repeat and it's still enormous because I am using chunky yarn instead of worsted. Problem two is that when I saw it in better light, I noticed that grabbed a different yarn and the bottom inch and a half (you can see it in the picture) is obviously from a different lot. I am not having some Afghani walking around all winter wearing a gigantic gaitor that is knit with two different shades of green. I'm ripping it out. I'll make a hat or something. I saw a cool one in the news paper today that I'm going to try to make

I finished the next gaitor in a chunky, light brown "cork" yarn and (to cut to the chase) it's a little too big as well, but I am sending it off next fall. It's nice, but it's sort of not my style. reminds me why I don't wear turtle necks.

I really enjoyed doing those cables. It surprised me how easy they were. Well, not easy, but it's just about following the steps. I did a really big swatch of a complex-ish cable pattern. (I was impressed.) I'll put it up after I block it and get a snap.

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