Thursday, March 22, 2007

Orphan Scarf Progress

I have finally finished one skein of my red orphan scarf. I'm using Rowan yourshire chunky tweed and 5.5mm needles. One hundred grams got me 22 inches (57 cm). It's 8 inches (20 cm) across. It's probably going to be fine to use all three skeins, which is good, as I don't know what I would do with the left overs. I'll suggest they give it to an orphan in the Arctic Circle as it's sort of heavy and thick.

The Continental knitting is also going surprisingly well. I think I'm going to try to switch to Continental permanently. I recently heard a podcast that asked listeners which method they used. Some people said they had tried to switch from English to Continental, but that they couldn't keep it up. I'm knitting a sock swatch on the train lately - in a faux round thing - and I'm doing it Continental.

For anyone who is interested, there's a really good little clip showing how it's done on YouTube. Just search for Continental Knitting and watch it a few times.

When I get finished with my sock swatch, I'm going to start a toe-up sock with the verbal instructions of Holly from Math 4 Knitters. It sounds sort of...doable, if not simple.

I've picked out a pattern for the scarf I'm going to knit for the ISE4. Fred isn't thrilled with it, but he doesn't like anything that's lace. He's such a tough guy. Now I have to find appropriate yarn. There's one yarn shop in Amsterdam. Have I whined about that yet? They should have something.

Oh! On an impulse, I went to E-bay today and, for the sport of it, I bid on a set of bamboo needles. I bid like $56.oo and then I was outbid, and then I bid again and then I sat and watched it for 15 minutes wondering what I was going to do about shipping them here. I was sort of reconciled with the situation when, at the last minute, I was outbid! I laughed and then said a little prayer of thanks. I need more needles, but it was so...knee jerk. I kept wishing that I could un-bid.

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