Monday, July 23, 2007

Croatia Post - One

The pictures have nothing to do with the text.

"Croatia is experiencing a heatwave," said the waiter. "We don't know what to do."

It's really hot, but nothing we can't handle. It's hovering around 37 celcius. I don't know what that means in fehrenheit. We left the hotel at 11:00 this morning, and returned at 9:00. We're both pooped. Zagreb is fine for a day, but neither of us are overwhelmingly enchanted. We've had some nice meals and seen some interesting stuff. Our hotel is a good 20 minute walk from the Center, which means we walk a lot. Public transportation? Not Fred.

My legs feel like they did after a long weekend in Edinbrough. I never walk this much, and certainly not with the hills and stairs. Walked forever today to get to "one of the most beautiful cemetaries in Europe." It was real nice. Here are a few snaps from yesterday after we arrived.

We leave tomorrow for some national park that starts with a P. More on that later.

More news as it happens, as my friends Trudy and Lisa are fond of saying.


gearncniht said...

god those nuns must be hot! dressed in all black, in what looks to be rather heavy fabric, in 37-degree weather! (btw, a handy tidbit is that 37 degrees Celcius is normal body temperature, so about 98.6 degrees Farenheit...) that's quite a contrast to the chilly, rainy amsterdam weather we're getting, though this past weekend was unusually sunny. enjoy your trip!

Charles said...


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