Saturday, July 21, 2007

And We're Off...

Fred and I had a map mounted and framed so that we could keep track of where we've been and where we want to go. I'm green, he's orange and places we've been together (which trump either single color) are red. The places we are planning on going - or want to make plans to go - are white. That's Croatia in the middle.

Of course the most pins are in Europe with a smattering of orange pins in Asia and South Africa. I didn't want to cover the USA with green pins, so I put a few representative pins here and there. The map is hanging in the kitchen in a space we've been trying to fill for years. It's a great idea - if you travel. Sort of puts things in perspective.

So we're off tomorrow. By this time tomorrow I'll be driving in Croatia. Not far. We have a couple of days in Zagreb and then we drive all the way down the coast to Dubrovnik. How exotic does "Dubrovnik" sound? Very. We're spending six days just outside of Split, which is in the middle. Hoping to get some beach time and then nap and get some more beach time. I've said it before, but I'll say it again (in case you worry), my preference is to sit under an umbrella having slathered my self with 30 SPF sunblock in the room - giving it 30 minutes like the bottle says to do. I try to get as little sun as possible and I always come back with a healthy tan from just being out in the sun.

To contrast me, Fred lays in the sun for a while and then asks me to rub a little 4 SPF into his back. His tan is generally darker, but I'm not competitive in that way.

I hope to be posting from the road. (What will I do if there's no Internet connection along the way?) So you may be getting some updates if you check in regularly. So check in regularly!

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