Friday, July 20, 2007

Writing to Read

My new friend, Andrew W. M. Beierle, is the guest blogger on Bookseller Chick's website. Click here to read it. Andrew is the author of The Winter of our Discotheque and is the one I wrote about who has a new book coming out called First Person Plural. He's a very engaging writer and has been tremendously encouraging to me since we began our correspondence. Read his article and see what his thinking is about getting into the head of a conjoined twin.

My writing group is on hiatus. We thought we would meet through the summer, but vacations and other obligations are taking us to the far corners of the world, so we're taking a break until September with a few new members. It'll be nice to get back with them.

On the subject of writing, my friend Deborah was just here packing up her apartment so she can move back to Canada. Her sister died suddenly and Deborah became a mother. Her son, Andreas, is absolutely beautiful. I would post a picture if: a) I had her permission, and b) I had a good snap. He's a beauty. I felt lucky to spend some time with her and Andreas while I helped her pack up her aparment. I got the job of cleaning out the scary shed - with spiders.

Spending time with Andreas sort of gave me daddy pangs, but I don't think fatherhood is going to happen. If it were thrust upon me, I'd be totally okay with it. But I'm 42 and I like my free and alone time. I'm totally okay with how things are.

Anyway, you can read Deborah's ongoing blog to get her story about becoming a mother and going through all of that. She's an amazing person, the motherly twin of the single, carefree Deborah I knew eight months ago who set out on a trip across Asia. Read about that on her other blog.

It was so nice yesterday to get a comment and an email welcoming me back to the blog world. Nice to know you've been missed. Nice to know people check in and read once in a while.

Thanks Ellem and Butch.

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Elemmaciltur said...

I always check your blog....hell, I check every blog on my blog roll everyday. ;-)

All the best for Deborah. :-)