Thursday, August 02, 2007

Croatia Post - Six

We arrived safely in Baška Voda (pronouned Bashka Voda), where we will be for the next six days or so - until the 8th. It is a little village that sold its soul to the Devil in favor of tourism and a few bucks. Way too many people, way too many children. The biggest problem is that I can not get my laptop to connect to the wireless connection in our hotel, or the hotel next to us - where I am sitting at this moment. Also the z and y are in opposite places and I can not find the apostrophe. Oh well, there are bigger problems in the world.

We will spend the next few days shuffling between the beach and the pool, possibly taking a side trip to an island if we can get some information on that. I found The Jane Austin Book Club in the lobby, and I have begun reading that and I have gotten to seven inches on my sock. Would love to post pictures and I will if that becomes possible.

All is well with us in Croatia. Hope the same for you.

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