Monday, August 06, 2007

Croatia Post - Seven

We are now at the end of our trip. We have today, tomorrow and we leave Wednesday. Fred was going to go to the beach this morning, but it is cloudy, so he just went to the gym. My plan is to check my email and then head back to the room for some knitting on the balcony! (That is my kind of vacation.) We considered driving the hour our two that it would take us to get to Bosnia, just so we could say we had actually been there (besides that little strip on the way to Dubrovnik), but I would rather sit and knit.

I have finished three books (The Jane Austin Book Club is fabulous, no previous information on Jane Austin is needed and it is not really about her, more about the characters in this novel.) I also picked up On Beauty by Zadie Smith and Knit One, Kill Two byMaggie Shefton. (The hotels have places where you can drop off and pick up books to read. I mostly pick up. I will recycle them later in Amsterdam.) I am completely in love with reading again. I have not read like this in years.

Fred mentioned yesterday that the best part of vacation is going home. It is a cliche, but of course it is true. I am just sort of sitting around waiting to go home, where I will sit around. It is nice to sleep late and relax, but I have almost had my fill. Nice that there is not so much Internet access - it is sort of a pain in the neck to check my email here.

I will also be glad to use the apostrophe again. It has been a week without it and I miss it terribly. Croatian keyboards do not seem to have it.

We have taken some more great snaps, but again, there is no Internet access for my computer. And my sock is almost finished. That will be nice. Man, I sound completely bored, huh?

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