Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's with Facebook?

I have gotten more invitations for Facebook in the past two months than I know what to do with. Well, I know what to do with them. I accept them. But what then? I'm not sure what it's about. It seems very "My Space." People seem very invested in it. I haven't been there enough to really "hang out," as the kids say, but I've looked around and it seems sort of networky, but more on a friends basis than LinkedIn or one of those. I'm also on LinkedIn.

Yeah sure. Put me as a friend on either. Network Network Network.

The main online community of which I am an active member is Ravelry. It's about knitting, and since it's focused like that, I'm more inclined to look around and chat and make friends. In fact this morning, I uploaded some photos of my knitting and updated a few things. Same concept, just about knitting, which I am currently fairly obsessed with. The thing with Ravelry is that you have to be a member and there's a waiting list of almost 15,000. Who knew there were so many knitters?

I have a colleague who, at least a few months ago, said she was into Second Life. I've heard about it and have even listened to podcasts about it, but I know myself well enough to know that : 1) it would be like smoking crack, and 2) it would take too much time away from my knitting.

Things here are going well. I'm searching for a job and I remain hopeful that the right job is right around the corner. Until that time, I am spending my time writing, knitting and cleaning up some of the writing I did for a guidebook a few months ago. And it's windy as heck out in Amsterdam today.

This is a picture of the sock I just finished. It fits perfectly. It's twin is currently "on the needles" as we knitters say, although it's literally on the needles. I successfully did a kitchener stitch on the toe as opposed to the "cat's butthole" that some sock patterns suggest. (I don't think they actually call it that, but I've heard it called that.) Fred's comment was, "Where are you going to wear that?"

Anywhere I want.

Maybe tomorrow I will post a picture of my fabulous fingerless glove I finished last night. It's so beautiful and I will cast that on in the next day or so. Trying to get things finished so I don't have too many things in progress.


Kyle William said...

I like what I can see of that sock - I can't wait to see it finished with its twin - I am sure you'll wear them in good health - they're beautiful - I think that it's OK to wear fun colored socks - sometimes a little suprise is all it takes to get people talking!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous sock!