Thursday, August 09, 2007

Croatia Post - We're Home

Fred and I arrived home yesterday at about 3:30. It is really great to be home. It always boggles my mind at how long it takes from waking up to walking in the door at home on the last day of a vacation. We got up at 6:30. So nine hours later, we were home. That is, of course, after a two hour drive to the airport a flight and a taxi from the airport here.

Baska Voda was a strange little town. Like I wrote before, almost completely touristy, devoid of any culture. The beaches were amazingly packed, which made lying on the sand not that appealing, however, we walked down the coast a bit the last day and found a spot that was not completely crowded. The water is nice, clear for the most part and safe. But the beaches are full of rocks. I bought a pair of beach shoes for 40 kuna, which is about €5,50.

We drove through Omis, which was another small, touristy town about twenty minutes away. It's situated in a way so that we had to drive through it five times on our way to and from different cities. It was good for a couple of hours and provided this nice view.

The last day, I finished my sock. I brought way too much sock yarn, which is a requirement for knitters. I have now cast on the second for that pair as well as another sock in a slightly different pattern, which I hope will help me get the second sock done in a timely manner.

The weather here is overcast with a little chill in the air, a far cry from the sun and heat of Croatia. Would I recommend Croatia? Absolutely. Several of the cities (Split, Zadar, Dubrovnic, Sibenik) are really wonderful and well worth taking time to explore. Zagreb was okay, but more for another trip. We might do Istria on another trip combined with a couple of islands that we missed this time around. Traveling up and down the coast was easy and beautiful, although traffic got a little backed up once or twice and sometimes we got behind some people who enjoyed driving very slowly. We had to wait a while until we were past the bends in the road and traffic going the other way was clear so that we could pass.

I'll try to get pictures posted to a link in the next day or two.


Shannon said...

How beautiful...the green colors! Oh and Croatia ain't bad either!

American Irish said...

From the pictures you have posted it seems like Croatia is a beautiful place. Can't wait to see the pictures you will post later.