Sunday, May 25, 2008

London Wrap Up

London was a lot of fun - and gray the whole time. Fred and I have been there several times and we've seen a lot, so this trip was more about it just hang out and walk around with Patty and her friend/colleague Donna, who was a nice addition. This is a picture of Patty, flanked by Fred on the left and me on the right, in front of Buckingham Palace. It was a pain in the neck to find a spot that wasn't crowded with people trying to get a shot like this.

We also had tea at Harrods department store. It was one of those things that Patty wanted to do that Fred and I would not normally do. So it was great that she requested it because otherwise, we would not have darkened the doorway of that tea room. It was very interesting - and very sweet. We sat in a little balcony and ate pastries and drank tea. Sort of a great way to end the afternoon, although we were sort of stuffed afterwards.

A knitting friend talked last week about the tea rooms in Amsterdam. Apparently she's been to them all. So she's a great resource for tea information. I really should do more tea - in the sense that I really like to collect different experiences. But I have to balance that with the question: Exactly how gay are you? At any rate, I'll have some places to go when Patty is here. Having a woman along is a great excuse to do things like that.

We also saw Wicked again. What a great show. We bought tickets at a booth on the street for 35 pounds each, and they ended up being at the very top. There was literally nothing but a walkway behind Fred and me. I still loved it. We all moved down after intermission. And if you're ever there, don't bother with the binoculars you can rent for 50 pence. They're worth about 15 pence and that's just for the scrap plastic if you melted them down. They're foggy and didn't magnify anything. All they did was extract 50 pence from my pocket.

So London was great. It's great to become acquainted with a place like that. That kind of legendary city that people talk about visiting once or twice in their lives. Sort of like New York City or Amsterdam. I'm a city guy.


Anonymous said...


Your description of London is quite
different from "Tisha"s". She said
your "Wicked" seats were great. Also how could forget to mention
your trip to the National Portrait
Gallery ( the highlight of the day).Only kidding. We are here in
the kitchen at Bill/Patty's. Julie
& kids too. Congrats to you & Fred.
Guess which Manning this is.

Littlelou said...

I haven't been to London for years, I guess now that my pubbing and clubbing era is now behind me (well and truely ..alas)it would be a whole different experience if I was to visit again. Tea in Harrods sounds right down on my street! Hope you had a great trip. Im still pestering my mister for a trip to Amsterdam!!