Sunday, June 29, 2008

L is for Lange Bloemen

I'm a little behind with the ABC-Along. I turned around and they're already on M - and I haven't done L yet. Part of the reason is that L is so difficult. All I could think of was adjectives (lekker, leuk, laag, etc.) and verbs (lopen, lijken, liggen) so I've gone with an adjective. Lange. It means long. But it's used in a sort of a weird way, if you ask me.

Like you talk about a man being "lang." But then people will directly translate that to "He is really long." Similarly, the flowers here are lang, but they are not long. They're tall.

The apartment building down the street from me in NYC had these out front for the entire time I lived there. They're nice looking for a while and then they just start falling over, looking like...looking sad. (I was trying to think of a good metaphor, but I got distracted.)


Anonymous said...

Looking like....??

L is for Liebowitz!

Mel said...

Hollyhocks. I will admit to not being much of a fan, primarily because of how leggy and sad they look as they age.

Andy Baker said...

Get out! I had no idea. Thanks. I knew someone would know.