Saturday, June 28, 2008

Annie Liebovitz

This evening Fred and I went to the Rialto movie theater to see that documentary about Annie Liebovitz. We both liked it, to differing degrees. I gave it two thumbs up. Fred gave it one. I found it sort of inspiring. Sure, she deals in images, but it translates enough. he process was pretty interesting. Plus, she decided to "get" kids (it never explained how she got them, but I'm sure that's just a click way on the Interweb) at the age of fifty. I can't imagine.

One thing I really liked was the bar - shown below. It's nice and red in the bar. I like all the little bars in the movie theaters here. Not so much multi-plex action going on. We'd never been to the Rialto together. Fred went years ago. PA (Pre-Andy) Seems like it's sort of an arty movie place.

And I recommend the movie.

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