Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seek Jesus

Completely out of nowhere, completely randomly, I got another sticker on my bicycle about a week ago. The last time I got a sticker (back in June), it was paper and it read, "Jesus Saves." This time, it's on a metallic tape and it reads "Seek Jesus." Once again, I didn't see any other stickers on any other bikes.

I don't mind having a little sticker on my bike. It's not offensive. I'm going to church today to sing for a service, so it's not like it's something I'm against. But I sort of liked the first one better. This second one is a little more evangelical. This one is a command. It's an imperative. The first one was just a declaration, like, "Nice day," which is more softball approach.

I would have definitely ripped it off it had said "Seek Satan" or "Seek higher taxes." "Seek Mohamed" might have given me pause, but I might have left it on for the novelty factor.

Again, I find it interesting that the little sticker is written in English. (I can't imagine a Dutch evangelical - although I'm sure they exist.) And I find it interesting that I was apparently singled out (or else everyone else got up early and ripped their sticker off their bike.) And I find it interesting that this person changed from paper stickers to metallic tape, which is wearing better in some ways.

I also find it interesting that I keep writing "I find it interesting" instead of "I think it's interesting." This is one example of the influence of Dutch on my English. I never would have said that a few years ago.

Yes, this is my life. This is what is noteworthy and worth blogging about. Life in Europe is so exciting.

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