Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Very Warm Hat

In my never ending slog through "knitting techniques that I just never happened to learn," I found an excellent explanation of how to do "traveling jogless stripes" and I am doing some of those stripes on my current Very Warm Hat. I am just crazy about the Very Warm Hat. It's full of lots of stuff that I like. (And slog is not really what I meant. It's knitting. How can it be a slog?)

The main drawback is that it's mostly stockinette. The advantage is that it's mostly stockinette and I can do that blindfolded. I've watched television while making this hat. I've held eye contact during a conversation. I've even read a little bit. Love that.

I also like the decrease I did. I didn't do the decrease that the lady Ms. Zimmerman does in The Opinionated Knitter. I did a straighter decrease (SSK, K3, K2tog every other round). I think it looks neater and I'm not so fold of the swirling decrease all the time.

And while it was sort of a pain to pick up the stitched all the way around the cast-on edge, I like they way it looks. You can see it in the picture pretty clearly, but that's where the fold is.

What I really really like is that both of these are yarns I dyed. I think they go well together. Very autumny. The colors they are in the photo is a lot lighter than the actual color of the yarn, but they're just as nice together. It depends on how big it ends up being as to whether or not I keep it. And when it's finished, I'll need to do something that's not stockinette in the round.


Team Knit said...

cute hat, but I'm so impressed that you dyed the yarns yourself! The colours go really well together.

- Julie

Deus Hache said...

Have you ever knit a hat top down? You could start the liner top down insert a purl row where they meet and then knit the outside as you like. No picking up stitches.