Saturday, May 02, 2009

Last Day in Warsaw

While we were at the bar getting our "welcome drink" - on the night before we leave - Fred said, "There's no seats. Let's sit next to the whore." A little later, a woman starts talking to us and it turns out she's from Texas. She works in IT at some bank, and has lived here for seven years! And it turns out that the other woman really was a whore. Who knew?


Did lots of walking today. Saw lots. We saw lots of the Old Town and the New Town today. We toured the castle, which was overrun with school children - and it turns out that the whole thing is reconstructed because the Germans blew up the real one during the war! Who knew?

Looking forward to getting home tomorrow. I'll write more about the trip later.


Kenneth said...

What a great photo. I will admit to an act of copyright infringement by downloading it as my desktop. :-)

Andy Baker said...

Back in my Art Therapist days, patient art work was routinely snagged. I always said, "You should be flattered that someone liked it enough to steal it." So, not a problem, Kenneth.