Friday, May 01, 2009


Fred and I are on the road for the weekend. Just a long weekend in Warsaw. Our friend, Dalia, is watching the apartment. She wanted to sell (on Queen's Day) in a better neighborhood than she currently lives in, so she's is holding down the fort for us while she does her thing.

Meanwhile, we are walking ourselves silly. We didn't wake up today until about 11:00, which was fine with me because I knew Fred would be go-go-go as soon as he woke up. We walked for about eight hours before finally sitting down to eat. But according to Fred, "Well...we sat for an hour or so with the coffee breaks, so it wasn't really eight hours." Tell that to my feet.

You can really tell that Warsaw was under someone's thumb for a long time. Lots of gray concrete and the trams - like in the picture above - are really old. Of course we haven't ridden one because we have to walk everywhere. Seen some interesting stuff. I'll elaborate when I'm not in the lobby of a hotel.

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