Sunday, May 17, 2009

What I'm Currenlty Knitting

Last week or so, I wrote about experimenting with entrelac. I thought it might be good for a baby hat. I think it is. I think it'll work. This was my first experiment. When I finished it off, it began looking like something. It's a very cute hat. This particular color combo is a bit distressing to me, but I was using what I had left over. I didn't have enough of that green (which, for some reason, is bothersome to me here) to go all the way around, so I used a bit of that tan. That blue and green would be nice for some earth/globe idea, if you just wanted to knit a silly baby hat.

Entrelac is really not difficult at all. I thought it would be, but it's not. I picked it right up by reading about it in Son of Stitch 'n Bitch - a book that has been oddly useful since I bought it. I read it all the time. Part of what makes the hat work, I think, is the stitch pattern, which is just a K1 P1 on one round and a knit on the other; it's fairly loose. Someone looked at it on Monday and said, "It looks really loose." Being loose is different than looking loose. I think I would prefer plain stockinette. My next experiment will be stockinette and I have a couple of ideas about what to do with the color, as seeing it like this makes me thing of something that I won't say right here. It could be sort of funny. I'm going to try it. I'll keep you posted - if I haven't lost everyone at this point. (I like the star thing that's going on. )

I'm also working on an Elizabeth Zimmmerman Pi Shawl. I linked there to Brooklyn Tweed's blog. He made a beautiful and beautifully-photographed shawl/blanket with the the pattern I'm using. I would link to a shawl with the pattern that is more my speed, but those all happen to be the other pattern. Anyway, it's good, straight-forward plain old knitting with some yarn overs. I'm going great guns on it because I can feel that I'm making progress and I want desperately to get to the color change in the yarn. I'm using the yarn below. It's really beautiful and sort of oily. I like knitting with it. It feels strong, sort of masculine (for lace knitting). I asked Fred how he liked it. He said, "So you're finally turning into a real old lady."

Mine "shawl fetus" (it's all pre-formed and curled up like a baby in a womb in the middle of that circular) currently looks like a ball of crumpled up yarn, which I know all lace projects are until they're blocked. But mine feels especially ugly right now. I think it's going to be reasonably big. I hope so.

This yarn, by the way, was a mess to make into a ball. My ball winder (I'm currently typing with my ball winders) got all messed up. It took me literally three and a half hours. But I got to know the yarn intimately and I really like how it feels. It's Eveilla Artyarn 8/2. It's a purchase I made in the Fall that I am really happy about now.

You know, sometimes a guy just needs to write about his knitting. Thanks if you got his far.


Liz said...

I love the hat! I've always fancied doing entrelac but never have...Mmmm maybe this has been the inspiration to start...

Lindsay said...

Interesting looking hat, I guess now I'm going to have to look into entrelac.

By the way: I love when you write about knitting. Your last post inspired me to start blogging and knitting again, so it's nice to get a mix of topics from other blogs at the moment.

troy and christina said...

I LOVE the Artyarn 8/2. I am fully confident it will block out wonderfully and not be grandmotherly at all!

And thanks for adding me to your 'knitsibs'


Team Knit ! said...

very cute hat!! And you're right, it does have a bit of planet earth colour choice going on. That yarn you are using for Pi is gorgeous- the colourway is going to look amazing, I'm sure.

- Julie

acsparky89 said...

So glad to see that you were knitting around the world for WWKIP day. The event in Fort Worth was tempered by hot weather.

I have only attempted entrelac once and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hope all is well

Lisa said...

Thank you very much.
Your blog has really helped me in gathering the information I needed.