Monday, August 02, 2004

Dutch Class

Yesterday I went to the registration for my class. It started at 3:00 and ended at 5:00 with a welcome speech and drinks. I got there exactly at three, as I do with things like that. I got my packet and was encouraged to return at 5:00. I took a seat outside and listened to a conversation between an American woman, a morbidly obese Slovakian woman, and an English guy named Paul.

Eventually Paul turned to me and spoke. After a half hour, we were joined by an American from California, Steve. We talked until 5:00 when we went inside and listened to the opening comments. Paul is 29, married with a three year old daughter and Steve is 43, sort of Latino looking but with no accent, and gay.

Being in school is very exciting. I love the first day of school. Some of my favorite memories are the first day of jobs, school, etc. Today was the pre-test to determine which level we will be in. I got in the Lower Intermediate level and Steve and Paul are in the Intermediate. I fully expected to get in Lower Intermediate. My big fear was getting in Beginner. Eva, the teacher, said I was no beginner. I started to do a little beating up on myself for not getting in the Intermediate (I didn't even really try because I didn't do my writing on question #2, as I didn't understand the question) but I decided not to since I find beating up on myself painful and useless. Besides, Paul has lived here for five years and taken a class before and Steve has taken this class a couple of times before. I've only been studying Dutch for - at the most - a year and a half. And I've lived here for six months. I'm fine with my level, and I liked Eva.

I'm looking forward to doing the homework. It's sitting in front of me still in the bag. Wondering what my classmates, and thus my new friends/comrads, will be like. I don't want to think I'll be the coolest, and that I'll have some difficulty relating to I won't. I love being in school. I love new books and all the newness of the occassion.

I will do my homework now.

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