Wednesday, August 04, 2004

First Day of School

Yesterday morning at 8:50, I arrived at school, new books in hand. They cost 83.50 euro. (I won't say they cost ME that.) It was four hours of our teacher, Evaline, speaking completely in Dutch. She assured us that she was speaking at a normal "tempo" but that she was speaking very clearly. Amazing how at the end of the day I could understand most of what she was saying. She's short, older, blonde, total non-glam, career teacher looking. I think she looks almost dyke-y. But it's hard to tell with academic types. She's just very practical.

There are 20 people in the class - from 15 countries. Two Russians, two French, four English, and one of each: America, Hungary, Uraguay, Columbia, Poland, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Germany, Australia, some tiny European country that starts with M, and another one. No time to look it up right now. Spent the break with two English girls speaking English - Liz, with an unfortunate cyst/mole on her right cheek, and Hazel, who lives here with her Dutch "friend."

What an intense day. Class, language lab and then hours of homework - or huiswerk, which sounds like housework when Evaline says it. It's exciting to be moving along finally. It's so much work, how could I not learn something?

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