Friday, January 21, 2005

Ed is gone

Today at Riekerhof, Wilma announced that it was Ed's last day. It's strange because people make these announcements and I have to really listen because they talk fast and use very colloquial expressions and my job is to listen, watch their eyes and watch the other people to try to get the gist of the message. I asked later. Magna told me that Ed's contract (one year) is up and they didn't renew. Apparently they never renew a head cook. It would probably be too expensive.

I made a prediction a few weeks ago that Ed was trying to get them to get rid of Carole. I bet I was right. But Carole is still at Rikerhof. We'll see what happens when her contract comes up. I think Magna is on permanently, like Corry and Gre.

When I left today, I went by Ed's office and said, "Success!" Ed was the one who would always say, "Captain Gravy" when he handed me a little side dish of jus or gravy. I wondered if it was from a kid's show since he always said it in an announcer's voice. He would sometimes just call me Captain Gravy as I walked through the kitchen. He is such a "rode hard and put away wet" looking guy. He had questionable teeth and bags under his eyes, but there was a certain appeal. He was a total "guy." He could speak English well, but stayed in Dutch most of the time, which is helpful. I always appreciate that.

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