Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mariana Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Mariana, who I work with at De Kloof, just left. I keep saying that she's a very young 25. She just got younger.

She's here living with her boyfriend, Martijn (pronounced: Martine). Today she came over to pick up some CD's I had copied for her and I knew she wanted to run her relationship problems by me, so I asked.

Martijn is one of those guys who is very good looking, but is basically a shell. He's not that interesting and he's sort of a big baby according to Mariana. He's 29.

Mariana is having a sort of affair with a Scottish guy named Danny. She said, "I haven't had an orgasm in two years!" Apparently Martijn is not a good kisser and is pretty horrible sex. She's planning on having sex with Danny before she leaves for the US for two months.

The whole situation is so messy. My advice was to figure out how she wants to get out before she gets thrown out. I said, "Consider your options. There are tons." She kept saying IF she ends it. She knows she should say WHEN.

It's just such a gross situation. It's so stupid and dishonest and then she says, "I just learned that the fact that he is so good looking isn't enough." See? That's what I mean. All she ever says about him at work is, "Isn't he SO good looking?"

I always say, "Yes. He's very attractive." And in my mind, I add, But he looks like an asshole.

Poor him. And then he took her to Spain a few weeks ago and sat her on the rock where they sat when they first me and proposed to her. And she said yes. Hey! This hole I'm in isn't quite deep enough! Hand me a shovel!

"How do I break up with out hurting him?" she asked.

I said, "Sugar, it's like being in a fight where a knife is involved. Someone's going to get cut. Just try to minimize the damage." Good luck to her. Ya'll pray for her.

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