Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Puck is a Girl's Name

After replying to Lucy in what I thought was a well-written e-mail, I called Ms. Puck Huber at Mise en Place and told her I was calling on the advice of Maartje Strengers from Christie's Auction House. F's friend, Boris, put me in touch with her and advised me to drop Maartjes' name.

"Maartje told you to call?"


Sigh. "Okay. We will make an appointment."

Next Tuesday at 2:00. How nice it would be to work.

I made an appointment with my friend, Andi (from California) to eat Indian food. She also invited me to a Stitch and Bitch party where we would sit around and knit and gossip. Sounds like tons of fun, but it's been moved to a night when F and I have dinner with Boris. Too bad.

Tonight we have the sauna with F's brother, Matthy and his brother-in-law, Ton. It's usually fun enough. They're nice and I can speak a little Dutch, although they both make me nervous a bit. They're just such Dutch guys.

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