Sunday, May 01, 2005

Country Bike Ride

This afternoon, when I arrived home from church, F informed me that he wanted to take a bike ride. The original idea had been to go to the beach, but due to time restrictions (thank God), we opted for a bike ride. It's not that I'm anti-beach, it's just that I have it stuck in my brain that "beach" means a lot of work.

Generally, I just nod and follow him as he bikes us to oblivion with no thought to the idea that we have to get back. F is sort of inexhaustible. If I say, "That's like three hours," his response is, "And?" I'm pretty healthy. I just chalk it all up to exercise.

We ended up heading North. From our apartment, we headed just to the east of Central Station and then we kept going across a bridge and to a lake. Sunday, as you would hear from anyone who lived through it, was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was sunny and bright, but not unbearably hot. It was breezy, but not with the kind of wind where you have to fight it. It was generally nice to be out.

We rode around in the country to places I've never been, through fields (not bulb fields) and along little canals with sheep and a horse or two. One thing I really love about the landscape here is the lines of trees beside canals. Supposedly they're in place to keep the soil from eroding. It's very Dutch to me, very typical. Also very organized and practical. I like the flatness of the land. I am from Texas, and it makes me comfortable. Who needs mountains? Not me. Might make me feel closed in or imposed upon. Ocean? No thanks - sharks!

F, being the kind, gentle soul he is, allows me to call coffee and snack breaks. We had a very nice time. We got home tired, but had a great day. I'm pooped and ready to sleep tonight. A short work week starts tomorrow!

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