Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Notes on Camila

We are doing a couple of tunes in choir where there are solos, one with a children's choir. Usually what happens when the director is playing through those parts is that people sing along. The solos are usually somewhat difficult, so with several people doing it, the whole thing gets sung. Lately, Camila, an alto, has been singing through the whole thing.

Camila, is a sweet, somewhat plain, woman, but she's got a nice voice. Who knew? She always has a sweet look on her face when she's singing, almost too sweet. Anyway, she has taken to singing these solos loudly while no one else is singing along, almost like an audition. It's one of those things that is part "Wow, she's got a nice voice," and part, "Wow, that's annoying."

She's got the schoolmarm look from Heck. She's got pretty features, but she's got a real thing for this tired old bob that she keeps recycling. I want to tell her, "Lose some kilos [start with ten or fifteen], grow your hair and think of something else to do with it and save some money to get some new clothes." She needs some zip. She's so Canadian. F thinks I'm assuming that she wants to date. (And that I'm assuming she wants to date men.) But I bet it's one of those secret longings she doesn't talk about. Problem is that she could change her look, but she'd still be herself and she'd still say things like, "That's very much like what the Hapsburgs might have called encomf," smiling to herself at her joke as the rest of us scratch our heads. She's a geek, but a real sweet girl.

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