Friday, May 13, 2005

Technology Day!

Yesterday was a pretty fabulous day in terms of technology. I arrived at work and was told that I should go to "Cars and Mobiles" to pick up my cell phone. It's small and totally new. I've been waiting on getting a cell phone for the past...two years. Not having any money slowed things down a bit. So now I have a cell phone.

As I ride along on my bike and see people talking on the phone while riding a bike, I keep saying to myself, "I will never do that." It really seems pretty crazy. Maybe if I rode like a granny I could manage it. Lots of them ride along like it's Sunday afternoon and they are out for a stroll. But I like to ride fast and get there. It's the way I walk. I just like traveling fast. It's energizing. Walking slow frustrates me. So we'll see if I - Mr. Multi-task - catches himself chatting on the cell while two wheeling it. I'll be honest if I do (but I know I'll have a great excuse.)

I had already set yesterday aside to buy my ipod. On Thursdays, the stores here are open later - until about 9:00. Normally they close at 6:00. So I got off work and went to the Mac Store. I debated over a 6 GB, green ipod mini and a 20 GB white ipod. The difference was only about 100 euros, but I like the green one. I like the green aspect, and I like that's it's just a little smaller. After some discussion with a disinterested salesman (he knew I was going to buy something), I bought the mini. It's great. I'm having some technical difficulties, selecting a playlist and all that. But at this point, it's full of music and that's really what's important.

Working phone, working ipod. Life is good.

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