Monday, September 05, 2005

Working Girls

Today, waiting on the bus to work, I came upon a group of girls from work - PAs. They're all friends outside of work. There were four - American, Polish, English, Spanish. We stood and made small talk. When we got on the bus, I opted to sit alone, listen to my ipod and do a Sudoku puzzle.

Normally, I'm really into talking to girls/women. I prefer them to straight men, certainly. And I would have sat with them, but they sat in a foursome and I was preoccupied with finishing my puzzle before work. I did, of course.

These girls have a really tight little outside of work network, of which I am mildly jealous. It's not their particular network. It's not like I wish I was a part of their group. I think it would drive me crazy, or bore me to pieces, to be a part of their group. It's all couples, and very straight. It's that they have a group. I could totally dig a group.

F and I went to a thing the other day that was all gay - bi-nationals. People are older, more established. Plus the whole gay thing isn't an issue. There's not all these assumptions about being in your mid-twenties and planning a wedding or trying to get pregnant. People have either done it or not by the time they're our age.

I wish there were more gay guys at work. More than the one that is me. There may be another here or there, but we don't talk. I don't even notice. I couldn't name one. [He shrugs]. Sometimes I feel rather isolated.

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