Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Model Dream

I just woke up. I had a strange dream - not bad, just strange. My sister, Kathy, had a large model of the birthplace of a president. She struggled to get it out of a box to show me. As we were discussing what to do with it, I noticed that it took up a corner of a large room. We walked around inside and it was filled with office supplies. Suddenly children came in and started taking all of the furniture and extra things out of the room, which was larger now. When I went back inside, it was as large as a really big house and completely empty. I walked up to the third floor where my friend, Patty and her sisters were talking and eating Subway sandwiches. My mother entered and we started to clean up a bunch of papers and wrappers. I opened what I thought was a toilet and saw that it was not real. It was just a model. I was disappointed because I needed to pee. I woke up and peed. This was eleven minutes ago.

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