Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Building Walls

In our building at work, they are turning two big rooms into three smaller (yet larger than normal) rooms by moving a wall and adding a second. Apparently all of the walls in this building are pre-fab, snap-together slabs held together by little connector strips. They do the job mostly, but I can still hear the guy next door yelling at one of his underlings several times a week.

This morning, they brought in the building materials for the new wall. They brought it through a window (we're on the forth floor, that's five in American). It's so very Dutch. It makes total sense, the not using the elevator or stairs. I'm sure it's an off-shoot of the hooks that are on the fronts of houses, used for moving. We even have one. I don't think they would ever do that in America. It's just not set up for it, and people would think it was strange, although they'd probably love to watch it.

Of course I enjoy watching a crane pull up and carry a crate of stuff up to our window, but it's amazing that these Dutch guys do, too. We were all standing by the window watching the crate move slowly up to the window. I guess people just like that.

So we're going to have more people on our floor and on our wing of the building. More traffic, more people walking by. I find it a bit unnerving, plus ours is one of those offices people stop in and say, "Do you have an extra pen?" Like how do you not have a pen? Please.

Apparently next Tuesday is "Secretary's Day." My supervisor, Beth, is taking us out for lunch. I'll just call it "If I'm still in this position next year, you can just buy me anti-depressants instead Day."

I'm looking forward to seeing how they do this wall thing. Should be interesting.

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