Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Istanbul on Friday

Fred and I will be flying to Istanbul on Friday. We'll return on Monday. I'm getting more and more excited about it. People talk a lot about The Blue Mosque and Haghia Sofia. Charles, who sits next to me in choir, is a great traveller. He really enjoyed it. He knows a lot. Our friends Henk and Yvonne were there for a week and Yvonne held up the last digit of her pinky and said, "We saw this much. There is so much to see." My friend, Deborah, says that it's her favorite European city. Fred's friend, Boris, was not impressed.

I'm reading up on it using Wikitravel (see sidebar) which was recommended to me by someone who visited. It's got lots of information, that is of course, free. We also have a guidebook in Dutch, which I could probably make my way through.

I need a few days off, a little time away from all the hustle and flow of the daily grind. I could totally dig it being warm there. Sun on vacation is nice. I am good with the sun block and I would love to sit under an umbrella and read the book my friend, Sally, loaned me last night. It's called Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt and it's by Anne Rice. Sally raved about it. I only read the one vampire book, but I'm looking forward to this one.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. Istanbul is amazing... and warm!

Happy Easter from a 41-year-old gay American living in Amsterdam. :)

angel-a said...

hi andy..
I read your posts and looked your photos about ─░stanbul...
I'm a turkish girl and I live in istanbul for 9 months in a year because of my school..I'm student at university of istanbul that you had a photo,too..i saw the door of my school, in your photo archive :) and I aggree with you said about "grand bazaar". i still may be lost although i live in istanbul :)
i pleased you to came istanbul, and i also glad to see about turkey in your blog..but I just wondered why you interested so much with head scarf girls..there are lots ones about them in your photo archive....