Friday, June 23, 2006

Haiku Friday - Week Two

My very stiff neck -
It stops me from looking back.
(Love symbolism.)

Haiku Friday is here again. That's a link to the website of the guy who started it or who is promoting it. A reminder: a haiku is a short poem with three lines. The first line has five sylables, the second seven and the third five.

On the subject of my neck (just so it's documented somewhere), I slipped going into the place where I park my bike at the train station. There's a moving sidewalk that goes down and Wednesday morning my foot slipped. I didn't fall or anything, but I jerked my head back and I got a think in my neck. Yesterday was sort of miserable - expecially getting out of bed. Today it's a little better, but it's still pretty sore.

I used to have this happen all the time. I'm sure it has something to do with stress. It did then. Louise Hay says neck problems are about not being willing to look back. It's all symbolic. Wonder what I'm not willing to look back at...

I spoke with my supervisor yesterday and told her I would be looking for a new job. She seems supportive. There's nothing here for me. It's sort of driving me nuts to be here. I am beyond not challenged. It's mind numbing. I think I'm finally really ready to do something else. And Dutch class will be over in November, so I won't have that to consider much longer.

Exciting to think of all the possibilities.

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Andy Baker said...

VERY nice. I like that you stayed with the form and then made it optimistic. I also love the poetry of my encouraging words some months ago and now yours back to me.