Thursday, July 26, 2007

Croatia Post - Three

Split is such a nice city, at night or during the day. Of course it’s completely crowded with tourists, but the little tiny streets and the zillions of shops make it fun.

What I found completely fascinating was the palace. It’s now a giant shopping and living area. There’s tons of stuff there from the Roman times, which is very nice. The streets are marble blocks smoothed from years of wear.

I love a city where there are people living and it looks like it. Split is very old and it shows. Every one uses shutters because the sun is amazingly hot. The nights are absolutely wonderful. Lots of people walking around in the warm sea breeze eating ice cream.

We walked to the beach, which was wonderful, although I don’t really enjoy lying in the sun until late in the day. Everyone was there from young men with tight bodies to old, fat ladies in bikinis. We forgot the camera, which is too bad as the beach was great, though low on snacks. We might make it back there during the last week.

The food hasn’t been great. They say you can’t get a really good meal in the center any more and after making it through a dry piece of fish last night, I can tell you that we didn’t have a great meal. However, we’re having a good time. And it’s very hot. Big drive tomorrow.

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