Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Croatia Post - Two

Yesterday we got to our second destination fairly early and went straight to Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is a very nice park, as you can see from the photos.

The water is amazingly blue and it’s very well kept up (read: no litter). The only problem was the overwhelming number of visitors. It would have been bearable if there were half the number of people and one-third the number of children. Plus, besides it being really beautiful, it was sort of nothing else. We opted for the three to four hour walk and ended up regretting it as we wanted more waterfalls and fabulous nature stuff, which was on the six to eight hour tour.

The calming blue waters were nothing on those children. Also, the walkway around the lakes is only about four feet wide, meaning that the New Yorker in me almost came unglued with the traffic pattern that wasn’t there. One day was enough.

We woke up really early this morning and departed for Split, where we will stay for all of tomorrow and then leave early for Dubrovnic. On our way, we passed by the fort of St. Savior in Knin, an old fortress built in the tenth century and used as recently as 1991.

It was really great. Much better than similar fortresses we’ve seen in Portugal. Well kept up, lots of tunnels and stairways.

We arrived in Split and I must say that I’m sort of enchanted. It’s very much like Venice in that the Center is only for walking traffic. Sort of a bitch to carry the luggage to the hotel, but that’s what wheeled luggage is for, eh?


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Hey Andy!

How r ya doing? Nice post, Croatia looks good :)