Tuesday, April 08, 2008

G is for Groen

This is a picture representing groen, or green in Dutch. It's pronounced groon, but with a guttural g. It's difficult to describe, so I won't try. Coming up with a word for g was a little difficult for me. I went through a few before I settled on groen, which I sort of think is a cop out. I thought about gans, which means goose. Then I almost did groenten, which means vegetables, but neither of the photos I had on hand were very interesting.

This little snap was taken in Croatia last summer. We were at the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It was so incredibly beautiful and it was oh-my-God so crowded. People everywhere. But the water really is that blue and the foliage next to the water, next to the cliffs with the waterfalls in the background sort of made me forget, if only for a moment, that I hated everyone that was wrecking the whole experience for me.

Fred and I both had the same thought when we got in the car. One of us said, "Wasn't that beautiful?" And the other said, "Yeah. Except for all those people."

Croatia in general is pretty beautiful. I recommend it. It's not on the list of destinations for a first trip to Europe, but it should certainly be on the list for subsequent trips, or a very nice trip of you're already situated in Europe.


Menchuvian Candidate said...

For a remarkably social woman, an awful lot of the places I like I would like a lot more, but for the other people.

You made me smile with your groen resistance. If you have ever read sweet-juniper.com (written largely by a blogger whose nom de net was "Dutch"), he has composed alphabet books for his daughter that break out of the "N is for nest" straightjacket. In their world N is for Ninja. I'm down with that, me thinks. But with the picture you've posted, I'm down with groen, too. It is hard sometimes to believe this world is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Eric & Tony said...

WOW it almost doesn't seem like it could be real.

Debbie D said...

Wow! I want to see your G in person!