Monday, September 15, 2008

Four Days to Go

This weekend was about preparations for our upcoming nuptials. It was our last weekend as bachelors. I had dinner with a friend (thanks Veness!) and then came home and knitted, and Fred went to a movie with a couple of friends. This is what guys like us do for bachelor parties. Woo hoo!

We don't have a lot to do, but we have enough going on that I needed to make a list. We picked Fred's suit up from the tailors, I dropped mine off to be cleaned today. It's new, but I've had it in the closet long enough that it needs a press.

We decided when we'll do things like the final dusting of the house, the final cleaning of the fish bowls and when we'll give each other haircuts. All of this timing is very important. We usually do these things on Saturday, but if we did them last Saturday, they would be right where they need to be done again on Friday and Saturday when we'll be too occupied with other things to dust - although Fred is the type who would take pleasure in getting up on the day of our wedding and giving the house a little dusting.

We decided on the wedding dinner menu last week and then a menu for Saturday evening - when we'll cook. And now we're going over the details of what we'll do with our out-of-town guests during the day on Thursday and Saturday. Because suspended animation is not an option, we have to plan tours and things. Friday is pretty much planned out.

Speaking of the dinner on Saturday, I made a pad thai on Saturday evening that was really good. In fact, I ate the left overs today for lunch and it was a really good cold pasta dish. It's from a recipe we got when we were in Thailand. Part of our surprise package was cooking lessons. I never thought a one-off cooking lesson would be worth anything. It just seemed like you'd learn how to make a dish...and then what? But we had two cooking classes and every pair made two dishes and then we ate additional dishes at the meals and then the teacher told us how to make a few more dishes and gave us a cook book. So I feel like I have a pretty good handle on how to make thai food. We've been to Chinatown and we have a bottle of oyster sauce, so we're ready to go.

Sally always thought it was funny that Fred and I do a dry run a few days before when we have dinner party. I hate to make something for the first time and serve it to guests. We did really good rub on a chicked breast that we learned in Thailand and it tasted fabulous, but was painfully dry. No amount of sauce would have saved it. Glad I caught that one.

The wedding cake is on the way. I've deligated that to a woman I know. I'm completely confident that it will be beautiful and tasty. And now all we have to do is cout the days.

By the way, that picture up there is from a temple we saw in Cambodia called The Mountain of the Crying Hermit...or something. I wrote it down hastily after listening to the guide say it quickly in sloppy English, so don't try to Google it. You'll come up with nothing. It's up about a zillion step and it's sort of a wreck from being old and in Cambodia.

And my Tomten is zipping along. I can't stop working on it. It's that much fun.


Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time!!! i looove weddings.

Grace said...

my best wishes on your wedding May you and Fred have as happy and long a marriage as hubby and I

Littlelou said...

I'm getting excited for you..sure you guys don't need a wee flower girl? Look forward to seeing some pics after the event. Enjoy it!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot WAIT to get on the plane on Thursday. I just want to cry thinking about getting the opportunity to come see you again! Everyone I talk to is so excited for both of you! They are all asking for pictures, so I will have my camera handy at all times.

I love you! Kath

Team Knit said...

Ooh, four days!! that's so exciting.... I'm sure your day will go off beautifully. : )

- Julie