Sunday, January 30, 2005

Queer Stories for Boys the Book

I got an e-mail the other day from Doug, the editor of the book two of my stories are in. It is just now out. Then I got an e-mail from my mother and one from my sister telling me that they both had the book in their posession (thanks Amazon), but that neither had read it. I wrote my mother an e-mail warning her that if she reads the stories, she will be coming across a couple of four-letter words.

Oddly, as I was trying to nap yesterday, I realized that she is mentioned in both stories. They are not about her at all, but there are definite references to her, quickly, in both. Then today, I relalized that the first thing I had published (last year in The Diarist's Journal, no.4) she was also mentioned, along with the same four-letter word...beginning with f. Interesting to me that she is this running theme in my work, or the work that makes it to a publisher.

I'm sort of excited about this foray into publishing (Man, I wish this blogging software came with spellcheck). The only problem being that all of the excitement, and the people who would really "get" how exciting it is, are in New York City. Still, in the big picture, I'd rather be here. And my mother seems sufficiently excited - for me, I haven't gotten her reaction to being a reference in a book of gay stories.

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