Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Fall from the Bike

Tuesday morning, when I was leaving for work after having just returned to the country a couple of hours earlier, I was riding my bike to the station when I needed to turn up the volume on my ipod. I took my glove off and reached in my pocket to get the ipod when I hit a patch of ice on the bridge and the bike slipped out from underneath me.

Yeah, it was probably not the greatest idea to multi-task while I was biking - except that I do it all the time, except that everyone here does it. But the bike wasn't going that fast and it wasn't that far to fall. I didn't skid, I just landed in a wet spot. I was on the ground really quickly. But the sucky thing was that I landed on my wrist and now it's really sore. I'm sure I didn't break anything, but I bet I did sprain it.

I bought a bandage, sort of like an Ace bandage, but not at all like an Ace bandage. I just wanted some support and something to remind me to take it easy with the wrist for a while.

It's that whole "you're getting older and your body takes longer to heal" thing that's concerning me.

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