Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Note to Self

If you put a bottle (or two) of wine (or any other beverage) into the freezer to get it cold quickly, set the timer. I've heard that alcohol doesn't freeze, but the alcohol content in wine is so low that it will freeze. My mother used to keep a water bottle in the freezer (for sprains and such) that was half rubbing alcohol and half water. The liquid got crunchy, but didn't freeze. It's a good idea. Use it as your own.

Look how the cork was pushed out when it froze. Full disclosure: when I put the sparkling water and the other two bottles of wine into the freezer to get cold fast, I set the timer. I love the kitchen timer. I use it all the time. My mother used to use it all the time,too. It's an excellent tool. Fred needs a little more convincing. Maybe this will do it. In other news, the wine didn't really seem to be affected by it's night in the freezer. We had a glass last night just to make sure.

In knitting, just finished a hat. This was just a dry run. It needs some adjustments here and there, but it's basically what I was going for. I wanted a baby hat that was more masculine than the baby hats currently on offer. I have another solution for the stem. Something that's sort of loop like, but different. You'll see soon.

Two things I'm really crazy about are the cables, which are pretty easy, and this nice purl gulf. There's a sort of a look that I'm after and this is pretty much it, although I'll be tinkering with it. And I think it'll wear differently on a real baby head. Shown here, it is being worn by one of my favorite vases, but it approximates the head of a child - if the child had a spout on the top of his/her head.

I think I got my decreases mixed up here, and I'd like them to not be so obvious. I took it to knitting last night and got some suggestions. But I like the look of the arches coming to a point like that. One thing I'm crazy about this yarn (GGH Merino Soft) is how the stockinette looks. See the twisted stitches and the line? I don't know why it does that, but I really like it. I was expecting the regulation stockinette V's, but I didn't get them. I got this, which I like a lot.

And lastly, it folds up into a little leafy looking thing, which is sort of sweet. Malia said that if I get a pattern written, it can go out with the free patterns Penelope Craft is going to offer in the Fall. That would be a nice resume builder, wouldn't it? I'll start adjusting this now. Maybe I'll do a man sized version as well. We'll see. Happy knitting.


Anonymous said...

Mom still uses the timer. I never seeed to get hooked on a timer other than the one on the stove. I have, however, put wine in the freezer and left it overnight. I'm not sure if the freezing made it not palbable or I just didn't care for the wine, but I ended up pouring it out. I love the hat! I just love it!

Anonymous said...

The hat is gorgious!
Yes please write it down, it's perfect for our Fallzine!

Isn't the yarn a dream to knit with. I am very much in love with it.