Monday, March 30, 2009

Who is this Aran Fellow?

It feels like I've been knitting on this Aran sweater for months, and I have been...sort of. I keep finding other things to knit, and that's drawing the whole process out. So I've had breaks. Fortunately, the diamonds in the pattern propel it along. (I keep wanting to get to the next one.) It's getting heavy, but I don't think I'm going to wear it this year. I mean I could, but it seems unlikely to be finished any time soon.

I've only got 17 inches knit so far. It has to get to 19 inches before I start the decreases or the sleeves, or whatever the next step is. I just have to keep knitting. It's completely intuitive at this point - not exactly boring, but very routine. There's no reason to look at the pattern. The inside of each of the diamonds is different. That's nice. In the end, it might be too small for me to wear, but I'm cool with that. The point is to finish so that I can move on to the shawl.

After our Kool-aid dyeing party, I wanted to use the yarn to see what it looked like knitted up. I've also been wondering what a whole hat of a twisted knit stitch would look like. I put in the diamonds to mix it up a bit. The insides of the diamonds are all purl - or is that what we call 'reverse stockinette'? I'm digging how the color looks. It's got a very nice speckled feel. No ugly pooling, just subtle color changes. Complete accident. It only took 50 grams, so I started another hat immediately, this one with cables.

I like the decrease a lot. I like those clean lines. I did a loop at the top, but it's a very small loop and it's four stitches across in a twisted rib rather than i-cord. I like it, but it's too small for me. However, I like touching it, so I'll keep it around for a while so I can pet it. I'll have to block it and see what that does to it. It's already been dyed twice. Would blocking it really do something to it? We'll see.
I really like the vertical lines. That's part of why I like twined knitting is the lines. Brioche also has some nice lines. After I finish the second hat, I'm back on the sweater. I like this style of knitting. It's very tight and exact. I'm getting better at it. I'm just completely daunted by that sweater.


doris said...

Wow, that hat is very beautiful! I'd like it even better without the diamond because the yarn is so pretty. Ahem, aren't "Aran" islands? ;-)

Andy Baker said...

Okay. For the record, I knew that.

Cybèle said...

That's a great hat, you ought to write it up as a pattern (and before you say 'surely anyone can knit that', no, I couldn't, not just like that! I don't make up recipes either, it's the same thing. Happy to cook from a recipe, can cook well that way, get me to make something up and it's a disaster. Same with patterns.)